Aqua Miser® BOSS D44-NC

Aqua Miser® BOSS D44-NC

High Pressure Water Blast Pump

• Pump pressures to 15,000 psi at 3.2 gpm
• 60 HP Diesel engine driven
• Rotary screw Air Compressor
• Touch screen Operator Controls with diagnostics
• Abrasive Injection System
• Water only units available
• Self contained – requires a potable water supply
• Trailer mounted. Skid mounted units available

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Product Documentation:

AquaMiser D44-NC Spec sheet


Product Description

The D-44 is the highly portable “Utilitarian” in our line of Aqua Miser® high-pressure blaster/cleaner systems, a favorite of small mobile contractors. The D-44 is computer controlled via transducers and a full color touch screen, semi self-sufficient, diesel powered high-pressure blasting/cleaning system used as a water only unit or combined with our patented low volume abrasive media injection system, a standard feature on all D-44 units. With this combination of blasting technologies there isn’t much this unit can’t do. The system includes an on-board air compressor so all that is required is a clean adequate water supply source of 10-12gpm at 50-60psi. The D-44 is a tidy, compact and sturdy framed mobile blast system integrated with a single axle and a tongue so as to function as a trailer unit. The D-44 is also available in a skid mount version. Either unit is capable of being lifted by crane in or on to any job site via a sturdy center lifting bale. The D-44 is capable of pressures up to 15,000 psi at 3.2 gpm. This means that there is considerably less water to contain and dispose of. The low gpm directly relates to less operator fatigue due to reduced gun thrust. Also, less water is required to complete the job (only a ¾” garden hose is needed for feed water).