Aqua Klean Centrifuge

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Centrifugal cleaning and disposal system designed for the removal of paint chips and other solids from the high pressure water blasting process.

• Automatic or manual systems available

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AquaMiser C100A AquaKlean

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The AquaKlean is a centrifugal cleaning and disposal system designed for the removal of paint chips and other solids from the high pressure water blasting process, reducing waste disposal by as much as 85%. The AquaKlean utilizes centrifugal force, up to eight hundred times the force of gravity, to sling the solids outward around the outer edges of the rotor. The blast waste is collected on the outside of the rotor while the water is removed and recycled back into a holding tank for disposal, suitably cleaned and essentially free of solid contamination. The water can then be sampled and, as long as it meets specifications, discharged to the sewer. The AquaKlean technology eliminates the use of filters or other consumable materials. No secondary drying is necessary. Systems are easy to install, requiring only a few electrical hook-ups, a water-feed pump that pumps water into the unit, and a clean water pipe that returns water into the tank. It is a rugged and reliable system.

Automatic Models: The AquaKlean C100A (25 gpm flow rate) and C-150A (50 gpm flow rate) automatic systems are designed for around the clock operation without operator intervention. Safe for workers and the environment, these automatic units ensure neither the operator nor the environment come in contact with the solid waste. As the rotor reaches full capacity, it automatically stops the rotor and the pump. It then locks the rotor in place and scrapes the interior clean of the solid waste. The solids are then discharged into a 55 gallon drum with a hazmat liner for easy disposal. Once clean, the automatic sensors start the pump and rotor again. Saving you time and manpower, the self-cleaning automatic AquaKlean is so intelligent it virtually runs itself!

Manual Models: The AquaKlean C-50M (12 gpm flow rate) and C-80M (25 gpm flow rate) manual systems are ideal for separating liquid and solid waste in smaller jobs. These machines provide a very cost effective method of reducing waster volume from water blasting operations. With a manual model, an operator periodically stops the unit, removes and cleans the inner basket, and restarts the machine. This simple operation requires only about fifteen minutes and minimal tools. With a conservative design, small footprint, and meager utility requirements, C-50M and C-80M models are attractive, easy to operate machines. AquaKlean manual units can also be mounted on wheels to provide a portable unit that can be utilized for a variety of waster blasting operations.