Containment Rooms

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Water blast containment room designed to remove the waste and reuse the water.

• Integrated Blast and Containment System
• Non Toxic Air Release
• Non Toxic Water Runoff
• Solid Particle Capture
• Various Sizes Available

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AquaMiser Blast Containment System



Designed to contain the waste water and improve visibility from the blasting operation the Aqua Miser® Water Blast Containment System puts known engineering principles into action to dramatically reduce costs and volume associated with blast waste disposal, making the system both cost effective and environmentally friendly! Designed around the Aqua Miser® Water Blaster, our complete integrated closed-loop water blast and containment systems are equipped to capture the waste water produced during the waterjetting operation, separate the particulates and dissolved solids for disposal, and re-use the filtered water back in the Aqua Miser® pump. Exhaust fans provide air movement to increase visibility and remove water vapor away from the operator. Vapor Proof Lighting in the ceiling and on the walls provide increased visibility. Insulated panels provide stability and reduce noise levels outside the blasting operation while stainless steel interior panels provide durability. The remote control panel and e-stop switches provide operator control of the Aqua Miser® high pressure water pump from inside the booth. All booth system and waste water filtration equipment functions are monitored and controlled via the integrated main booth control panel. Heated Air make is available for operator comfort and Man-lifts are available for accessibility and safety.

All systems are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.