Mobile Filtration System

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Multi-stage mobile filtration system designed for on-site removal of hazardous materials from waste water.


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Box of Rocks Mobile Filtration System- Trailer

Box of Rocks Mobile Filtration System -Skid



The Aqua Miser® Box of Rocks Mobile Filtration System is a multi-stage on-site filtering system designed to remove hazardous materials from waste water prior to discharge. This system uses CESCO AQUA PURE technology, man-made rocks formulated to filter out most heavy metals found in paints – such as lead, zinc, and chromium. These rocks interact with heavy metal contaminates forming them into a non-hazardous sulfide.

Standard systems includes: Dewatering Super Sack (waste water solids separator), Box of Rocks (Aqua Pure Rock reactive tank), Triple Filter Bank (Multi-cartridge final water filtration), Water Holding Tanks, and Transfer Pumps.

Systems are available trailer mounted or as 2-piece skid units. Custom configurations are also available.