Aqua Cab Systems

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Automatic Cleaning and Stripping Cabinets for Aqua Miser® E75V-II Waterjet Blasting System

• Automated multi-axis water blast cabinet
• Eliminates hand held wands and operator fatigue
• Fully adjustable system pressures and traverse rates
• Filters both solid and airborne contaminants
• Dramatically minimize waste
• Environmentally friendly closed loop systems available
• Custom configurations available
• Save on disposal costs

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The AquaMiser AQUA CAB brochure

The AquaMiser AQUA CAB II model RBB-40K brochure

The AquaMiser AQUA CAB III model VR-40K brochure



The AQUA CAB line of automated waterjet blasting and cleaning systems removes corrosion, coatings, and residue and deburrs and polishes for a like new finish – while eliminating operator fatigue associated with hand held wands. Filters solid and airborne contaminates. Water blast cabinets accept a variety of part sizes and are fully adjustable including system pressures and traverse rates. Built in cooling systems are designed to stress, relieve and hold specific tolerance. Systems are equipped with a touch screen operator interface that communicates directly with the AQUA MISER® ULTRA BOSS water blast unit for full control of system processes.

Compatible with our closed-loop filtration system.