Containment Systems

For cost-effective, environmentally friendly water blasting operations, consider an Aqua Miser® blast containment system by CESCO.

We offer a wide variety of containment solutions with equipment configuration options to fit your specific needs – from simple collection berms designed to prevent waste water run-off from the waterjet blasting operation to complete integrated booth systems with closed-loop water filtration designed to capture the waste water, remove the solids, and recycle the filtered water back to the Aqua Miser® HP water pump for reuse.

Environmentally Sound Cleaning and Stripping Technology

Having to pay for the removal of hazardous waste is expensive, costing thousands of dollars a week depending on the volume produced. Using our blast Containment System in conjunction with an Aqua Miser® integrated Water Filtration System dramatically reduces waste, effectively saving you money by reducing clean-up time and disposal costs.

Aqua Miser® continues to be the leader in environmentally sound cleaning and stripping technology by making the impossible… possible.

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