Aqua Miser® Ultra BOSS D-115

Ultra High Pressure Water Blast Pump

• Pump pressures to 40,000 psi at 3.6 gpm
• 115 HP Tier 3 Diesel engine driven
• Rotary screw Air Compressor
• Touch screen Operator Controls with diagnostics
• Abrasive Injection System option (D115-III-M)
• Self contained – requires a potable water supply
• Trailer mounted. Skid mounted units available

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AquaMiser D115-III-M Specs

AquaMiser D115-III Specs



An “Ultimate” in our line of Aqua Miser® high-pressure blasting/cleaning systems, the Aqua Miser® Ultra BOSS model D115-III is a self-contained, 115 HP Tier 3 diesel engine driven, 40Kpsi mobile water blast system requiring only a potable water supply. A heavy duty rotary screw air compressor produces 50 cfm of air at 100 psi. The ultra-high pressure pump is capable of delivering pressures to 40,000 psi at 3.6 gpm. An optional pump conversion package is available for producing 5.5 gpm at 25,000 psi. With trigger controlled clutch and throttle operation the direct drive pump engages only when the gun is activated – providing for the least amount of HP pump wear. Pressure is electronically maintained as the pump ramps to the programmed pressure set point, compensating for tip wear. The throttle automatically returns the engine to idle when the gun trigger is released. System operating conditions are computer monitored and automatically controlled to operator set parameters via a full color touch screen interface.

These systems are available as water only units or with our removable integrated BOSS Abrasive System for results that water alone cannot achieve. This low-volume, pressure fed system feeds virtually any abrasive media up to distances of 500 ft horizontally or 200 ft straight up. Abrasive stays dry until reaching the injection head where it mixes with the water and is evenly distributed into a wide fan pattern. Any type of abrasive can be used to meet your surface requirements, from baking soda for degreasing and delicate cleaning – eliminating the need for hand tools or hazardous chemicals, to harder abrasives for etching surfaces – to achieve results just like sandblasting without the dust!

Systems are trailer mounted and sling-liftable. Skid mounted units are also available.