Aqua Pure

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Non-harzardous inorganic sulfide used to reduce hazardous waste by removing heavy metals from the high pressure water blasting process.

• Available in liquid, powder or grandular solid form.


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Offering you a wide range of treatment alternatives, Aqua Pure is a non-hazardous inorganic sulfide available in liquid, powder, and granular solid form that is used to manage metal sludge generated by blasting and manufacturing processes. Due to its high reaction efficiency, Aqua Pure is a cost saving solution because relatively small quantities are needed. Typically confirmed by TCLP test results, the process permanently isolates contaminants by reducing metals to a non-leaching metal sulfide, which greatly diminishes metal sludge generation and waste bulking. The Aqua Pure liquid is available in 5 gallon drums. The liquid can be diluted up to 500:1 depending on the ppm levels. Aqua Pure Rock, the solid “Smart Rocks”, is added to a specially designed multi-chambered box, the Box of Rocks, which allow the water and metals to make contact without channeling. The size of the box is determined by the flow rate desired.