Aqua Treat WWT

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Wastewater filtration flocculation tank and filter strainer for the Aqua Miser® Waterjet Blasting System

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Designed to work with Aqua Miser® waterjet blasting systems, the Aqua Treat Waste Water Filtration (WWT) unit filters wastewater by removing hazardous metals prior to recirculation back to the Aqua Miser® or to sewer discharge. The specially formulated Aqua-FLOK polymer blend used in the upper mixing tank permanently encapsulates oils, heavy metals, and TSS (totally suspended solids) along with many other contaminants. This wastewater then passes through an automatic indexing fabric filter that strains and collects metals and contaminants while the clean, filtered water is collected in the bottom tank. Safe for workers and the environment, the used filter fabric and solids are automatically advanced into the hopper for disposal, ensuring that neither the operator nor the environment comes in contact with these waste materials. Once the sludge dries it will pass the Federal TCLP (toxicity characteristic leach procedure) which allows sludge to be disposed of in a non-hazardous landfill – thus eliminating expensive transportation costs. Continuous, automatic operation requiring minimal maintenance, Aqua Treat is capable of processing 300 gallons of wastewater per hour.