Aqua-Vac System

Vacuum Generation & Filtration Module for Aqua Miser® Waterjet Blasting System

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Remove paint and non-skid coatings from ship decks and other surfaces with the safe, versatile, and environmentally-friendly high performance Aqua-Vac. A key component of the Aqua Miser® closed-loop high pressure water blast system, the Aqua-Vac is designed for easy removal of coatings as well as separation and filtration of the blast water for reuse. Manually operated blast guns are available for blasting a variety of confined spaces surfaces bulkheads, stairs, walkways, and more! Using both fresh water and cleaned, recycled water issued from the vacuum generation and filtration system, the Aqua-Vac ultra high pressure pump generates pressurized water for the Aqua Miser® Deck Blaster / Floor Cleaner. Manually controlled by an operator, the floor tool simultaneously blasts and vacuums the surface. The Aqua-Vac vacuum generation and filtration system evacuates the wastewater and paint chips generated during water blasting, processes the solid waste for disposal, and filters the water for re-use in the HP pump for continuous blasting operations.

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