Box of Rocks

Aqua Pure water filtration system as simple as “rocks in a box” to safely filter out the dangerous elements.

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This “Box of Rocks” water filtration system is as simple as rocks in a box. This filtering system utilizes proven technology – AQUA PURE, man-made rocks engineered with an EPA formula that attract heavy metal impurities found in water jetting applications. These “smart rocks” are formulated to meet your needs exactly. The rocks chemically interact with the heavy metal contaminants, converting them to a non-leachable metal sulfide, thereby substantially reducing sludge generation and waste. This filtering process is affordable and easy to use.

Aqua Pure offers solutions to safely filter out the dangerous elements to protect our environment and reduce your disposal fees – Saving your company money while meeting or exceeding regulatory limits for discharge.

Contact us for specialized applications such as ground contamination, manufacturing process water, fuels, etc.

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