Aqua Miser® E25V-WO

High Pressure Water Blast Pump

  • Pump pressures to 15,000 psi at 3.2 gpm
  • 25 HP TEFC Electric Motor drive
  • Variable Speed Drive Controller
  • Touch screen Operator Controls with diagnostics
  • BOSS Abrasive Injection System option
  • Skid or caster wheel mounted
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The Aqua Miser® model E25V-WO is a state of the art 25 HP electric motor driven water-only blast system with a triplex plunger pump capable of delivering pressures to 15,000 psi at 3.2 gpm. kettlebell Equipped with a variable speed drive, the operator can set the desired blast pressure via a color graphics touch screen operator interface. The drive will adjust pump rpm as pressure is automatically maintained by compensating for tip wear. Machine controls and diagnostics can be accessed from this interface – making operation and troubleshooting a snap!

Units available caster or skid mounted. Media units are also available with our integrated BOSS Abrasive Injection System.

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