Floor Cleaners

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Water blast floor tool for removingᅠcoatings and corrosion from deck surfaces, tie-downs and more.

• Easily removes coatings and corrosion from deck surfaces
• Pressures to 40,000 psi @ 6 gpm
• Air driven, trigger operated, water only system
• 10ヤ maximum blast width
• Vacuum recovery compatible

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Product Documentation:

FC-300 Spec Sheet

FC-300-750 Spec Sheet

FC-200-340-1 Spec Sheet



Designed for use with our Aqua Miser® water jet systems, the FC-300 style floor cleaner effectively removes various coatings including primer, topcoat, elastomeric/rubberized coatings and corrosion from surfaces including decks, floor boards, tie-downs, wing panels & etc. It provides working pressures to 40,000 psi and flow rates to 6 gpm. The maximum blast width is 7.5″ or 10″, depending on the model. Trigger operated start/stop pump control. Walk behind operation. 100% collection of water and debris when used with optional vacuum system.