Due to federal regulations, traditional sandblasting is no longer an option. Health issues associated with silica dust generated during the sandblasting operation prompted the search for alternative methods of industrial stripping. At Aqua Miser, we have consistently been ahead of the industry, finding more effective ways to remove surface materials, for a healthier environment and to keep employees safe!

Our Patented Aqua Miser Products!

We started our company in 1973 in Charleston, SC, providing blasting equipment and safety materials locally. In the 1990s, we were the first company to introduce our patented Aqua Miser® BOSS and Ultra BOSS (Bicarbonate of Soda Stripping) systems which offered a revolutionary way to use high pressure water along with abrasive media. This method of injecting abrasive into the water stream eliminates the dust, reducing the personal and environmental health hazards associated with dry media blasting.

Our equipment can safely, efficiently, and effectively be used for surface preparation, stripping, and cleaning across many industries. And since commercial stripping is still a dirty operation, we also offer our integrated containment and wastewater filtration equipment for a cleaner workplace and environment.

Quality You Can Trust – The Government Does!

Our equipment is both reliable and trusted. We supply cleaning and stripping products to private industry and to local, state, and federal governments, servicing the needs of our military, both in the Charleston area and around the globe. Our water blasters and closed-loop containment systems are used in Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and England. So although we are a locally-owned operation, we have a presence around the world.

Our Products

The innovative products that we offer continue to be cutting-edge and have grown to include better and more efficient methods used in the stripping and cleaning industry. Since the 1970s, we have combined our years of experience in various industries to provide new, technologically advanced and reliable products like our variable-pressure, computer-controlled water blasters and our integrated accessories, containment, and filtration systems. Each offers many advantages to enhance your blasting capabilities and your water blasting operation. We also have systems for rent for those who need us on a project-by-project basis.

We Have All That You Need to Keep Things Clean, Safe, and Environmentally Sound

Our company is dedicated to providing everything you need for your cleaning and stripping operation including water blast machines, safety apparel, guns, floor cleaners, and vacuum systems. When you work with us, you get all that you need to be compliant with government regulations and ensure the safety of your workplace and your employees.

Let’s Discuss Your Project Needs!

Whether you need to strip and clean one surface or a thousand different surfaces, our team of professionals can be a great resource. Let our extensive knowledge and expertise help you decide which blasting solution is the best for your project. Contact us today to discuss how we can help!