‘Water blasting’ is an industry term that means exactly what it sounds like. When you’re a kid, it means to “soak the competition” with a pump-action blast of pressurized water. That sounds like fun. When you’re in the business of industrial cleaning and surface preparation, water blasting means the same – only the “competition” is the unwanted surface coating, and the pressurized water stream is a thousand times more powerful. The water blasting machines we manufacture here in North Charleston, SC, can produce pressures up to 40,000 psi.

The Water Blasting/Cleaning Process

Our water blasters use a positive displacement pump, which means that with every revolution of the crankshaft, the pump will displace a given volume of water. This displaced water can flow freely out the end of an open hose, or it can be forced to flow through a very small hole or nozzle orifice. The resulting operating pressure is determined by the size of the orifice through which the water must flow. The smaller the orifice, the higher the pressure required to force the water through.

By adjusting the operating pressure, water blasting can clean and cut through corrosion and coatings efficiently and safely without damaging the substrate. Using only high-pressure water can effectively clean internal and external surfaces without the abrasives and potentially harmful chemicals traditionally used. Compared to other stripping methods and equipment, water blasting (a.k.a. hydro blasting) is one of the safest options.

Other Equipment Typically Used Alongside Water Blasting

In addition to the wide variety of water blast gun styles and the specialized nozzles used to control the delivery of the high-pressure blast water to the workpiece, there are many other related accessories and equipment available to enhance the water blasting operation, provide personal safety, and help protect the environment. Media injection systems can provide the option to add abrasive media to the water stream for surface profiling and the removal of harder coatings. Water blasting PPE outerwear can help limit potential injury from the high-pressure water stream. Containment systems can help protect surrounding areas from water spray, run-off, and debris. Recovery systems, such as vacuuming equipment, can help clean up after the water blasting is complete. Filter systems can process the collected water by removing paint, residue, and other contaminants, making the water ready for reuse or discharge.

Water Blasting in North Charleston, SC

If you are looking for the safest way to clean, you can find it here at CESCO, an industry leader in water blasting companies in North Charleston, SC, and home of the Aqua Miser® line of water blast systems. We are committed to providing the very best water blasting equipment and stock an extensive inventory of equipment, parts, accessories, and PPE, including Aqua Safe Suits.
Stop in and meet us. Ask for a demonstration. Also, if you have rust or something that needs to be stripped or cleaned, we can do it on-premises. Contact us today for more information!